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Parent and Family Engagement Policy Template


School Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Cecilia Junior High School 



Cecilia Junior High Calendar of Events Image result for save the date school

  • August  29, 2019 Annual Title I Information

  • October 18th Fall Parent/Teacher Conference

  • November 8, 2019 Fall Fest

  • November 14, 2019-Parent Meeting

  • February 2020 Spring Event/Parent Meeting

  • March 20th Spring Parent/Teacher Conference

  • May 2020 Evaluate Program



Required School Parent and Family Engagement Policy Components

The school parent and family engagement policy includes a description of how the school will implement or accomplish each of the following components:

Jointly developed, Cecilia Junior High will take the following actions to involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner in the planning, review, and improvement of Title I programs, including opportunities for regular meetings, if requested by parents, to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their child and respond to any such suggestions as soon as practicably possible.

Parents will receive the Parent and Engagement Plan at the beginning of the school year via letter home and/or  school website. Parents will be informed of their parental rights to be involved in the planning and development of the plan through meetings, surveys, and questionnaires. Administrators and parents will meet at the end of the academic school year with a panel of parents. This panel will be open to all. At this particular time evaluations will be completed and then used in August to present a draft of reviews from the parent evaluations.